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Creative workshop

12 boxes, 12 colours from beads to buttons, bits & bobs, endless possibilities!

My story – words of discouragement & criticism, lack of support & broken home life, left me with a deep feeling of insignificance. Leaving a path of destructive behaviour, turning to things that gave me no lasting contentment & trying to be someone I hoped others would approve of & love, ending up frustrated, lost with an identity crisis!

o u t  o f  s u f f e r i n g  c o m e s  HOPE

Reality check - perfect conditions of a struggling pupae to soon emerge a glorious butterfly

Through exploring, searching, rummaging, tearing, dirty hands, tear stains & sweat something unique can be discovered . .   .    .     .      .      .         .           .             .                 .                   .                            .


Up dates of next workshop running, exhibition of 30′ x 18′ sculpture and publication of journals to be announced soon.